Tuesday, June 16, 2009


oh yes..(alhamdulillah..)
everything r under control today..
same with my interview just now..
smooth as i though..
i hope sooo...

talking about the interview..
one of the most important moment la in my life..
whether im doing ok or not..
even i've been caught during dat session..
but i really put all my effort to answer all d question..

we laugh a lot..(serious..)
-sempat show my skill playing music instrument..heheh-
the interviewers really sportin..
hop we will meet again..
(oh,sy sgt harap dpt kali ni)

harapan tinggi melangit..
melebihi ketinggian sy juge..

never expect that i will make new friends..(peramah terlebih)
another thing yg sgt besh is..
i meet my very old friend..

hoho..sgt terkejut when i see her..
hey sarah,thank god u still remember my name..
ur own hos captain..merangkap ur dormmatez..

and thank god u still tak berubah..
miz u a lot my dear..
even our memories together cm xbyk sgt..
but i appreicate u la dear..

we can create our own memories if get selected among d besh..(i wish)
even i meet itu asmiza la..
my senior..so cute like always..

interview tadi menjejak kasihkan sy dgn kwn lame from 3 differents stages..
1st is kak asmiza..(tasek)
2nd is sarah...(seseri)
then is mimi n a lot more..(kmns)

at least i have friends at my new place..(hope so)

wishing for the best

cukup ALLAH bagiku~


uhibbunurilahi said...

owh kam0o..
sy suda agak kamu begitu..:)
insyaAllah dpt..

interview giv alot of experience n memories..huhu ^_~

najwa said...

n u noe wat..
i dun get the intebiu deh..
so fruz!!


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